GITAM School of Gandhian Studies

(Visakhapatnam Campus)

Chairman's message

The GITAM School for Gandhian Studies is dedicated to the development of Gandhian thought as it relates to the multiple facets of human science in search of truth, practice of nonviolence and pursuit of common good. The central postulate of Gandhian thought is that man is more than a power hungry, amorally selfish beast driven by hedonistic appetites. He is also a spiritual person in the sense that altruism, the central principle of Sarvodaya, is his guiding, pervasive value. This value and the spiritual being are often clouded in the persons deluded by the make-believe, magical manifestations in the material world. Vedantins call it the maya, the mother of all illusions. Gandhi fervently believed that it is possible to make people focus on their spiritual side and see the “truth” invisible to mortal sight by kindling the celestial light through practice of the yoga of nonviolence. The Gandhian formula for achieving personal and social transformation involves adherence to truth, commitment to common good and practice of nonviolence. The implications of this thesis are at once global and compelling in the world victimized by insane violence, inhuman greed, and needless exploitation. GSGS is dedicated to explore them with the intent of making the world a better place for one to live and let others live in peace and harmony.